Thursday, January 04, 2007

A life in you....

It was the first time me & my wife came to this place..
She looks worried..
Me either..
I saw a few ladies sitting..
waiting for their numbers to be called..

My wife went to register her name...
Then she came back..our turn is No.23.
She looked at me and smile...
She still looks worried despite her beautiful smile..
I said to her.."Insya Allah, semua ok.'dia' sehat je kot.."
She replied.."harap2 centu la.."

TING! TONG! No. 23!

We went inside the room...
A chinese guywearing glasses sitting there...
"Good afternoon!" he said.
"Afternoon..."I replied..

He then asked my wife a few questions..
Then he took me and my wife to another room..
He then check my wife's blood pressure & urine..
Then he put a device on her belly..
On the monitor...there's something moving..
he snap a freeze picture of the moving thing.

This picture...

(right click to zoom)
I just smiled..
My wife Smiled..
Our little baby,moving inside my wife...

the chinese guy then said.
"Baby fine.Mother also fine."
"Blood pressure normal"
"urine normal"
"everything's fine"
he smiled....


That was more than a month ago..
we went there again..
the chinese guy did the same thing..
and the picture...

Our little baby, now bigger..
Look closely.."H" for head..and "B" for body..

the chinese guy repeat the same statement as above.
"baby ok..bla2 bla2.."

When paying the fees.. wonder the Chinese guy looked so nice inside the room..
He "sembelih" us here..

That does'nt matter..As long as everything going well..
I looked at my wife.
I said to myself..

There's a life in you...


AM said...

sweet betul :)

KiMi said...

kau ajer yang komen..
ajak a orang lain hehe..

diesha zaki said...

its amazing kan? bila sekarang alat ciptaan manusia boleh melihat kekuasaan Allah.. dan yang penting ia tidak melanggar hukum dan peraturan yang ditetapkanNya..
setuju ngan am (without knowing him..hehehe) so sweet.. siapa sangka kimi yang ku kenal dulu dah jadi husband someone dan bakal menjadi abuya.. kimi yang sama-sama menjalankan tugas pengawas sekolah akan menjalankan tugas dan tanggungjawab yang lebih besar.. hopefully everythings is going well, kimie..

KiMi said...

memang amazing..hehe
apa?abuya?bahaya..nanti kena tangkap.
AM tu perempuan la..her, bkn him..seorang perempuan yang cantik dan kiut.

diesha zaki said...

hahahaha..pompuan ker? ingatkan lelaki..sorry yer AM..sorry yer kimie, sbb kawan kak zue AM nie semuanya lelaki..
abuya..bahaya?hahahaha... oke laa.. jer la..

AM said...

saya perempuan.
ala-ala sweetnya kimi. time kasih.

apa? ko Abuya? janggut tak cukup lebatlah.

caliphah said...

abg kimi congrats!!!
sdih tak dpt g ur wedding...
take care of the family....
wah abg kimi dah nak jd papa!!!comelnyer!!!